St. Paul Lutheran Church


March 29th, & April 5th – Lenten Midweek Prayer Services will take place at noon and 6:30 pm.

March 29th, & April 5th – Individual Confession and Forgiveness – Will be available from 1-2 pm and 5-6:15 pm

March – St. Paul Hunger Drive. During the month of March we will be collecting an additional offering for the ministries of St. Paul focusing on hunger ministries though our congregation as well as through the greater church

April 2nd – Lunch Bunch. Our April Lunch Bunch gathering will be at “ON TAP” on Rt. 59 in Stow.  Anyone over 18 is welcome to join us for some good food and fellowship.  You may sign up in Gathering Area.


Holy Week
  - April 9th-16th.  There will be services at St. Paul on:

4/9 - Palm/Passion Sunday (10:30am)

4/12 - Wednesday Lent Midweek Prayer (noon & 6:30 pm)

4/13 - Maundy Thursday (7:00 pm) with foot-washing, individual absolution and Holy Communion

4/14 - Good Friday (7:00 pm) Community Service with RAMA

4/15 - Saturday (7:00 pm) Easter Vigil with fire, candlelight, Baptism, Holy Communion and Alleluias

4/16 - Easter Sunday Liturgy (10:30 am)


Ravenna, Ohio